Monday, February 22, 2010

True Realisation centre

TRC is short form of True Realization Centre. TRC is a service organization found by Sri.k.m.sivasamy (malasia). He is conducting this program for more than 15 years in malasia, Singapore, Indonesia and more than 10 years in chennai and other places all over tamilnadu and may be it could reach all over the world soon.
The mail goal of the TRC is to make people richer by realizing love and sharing love with family and others and helps to find the reality of life and to make life better.
The main topics covered are:
Ø  How to create a love bond in the family.
Ø  How to overcome stress.
Ø  How to overcome from our bad thoughts and bad habits.
Ø  How to improve self confidence.
Ø  Goal setting.
Ø  Spiritual.
And much more which is essential for our life.
When sharing their experience, participants say that they found a big difference in their personal life, and the way they approach their life is changed.

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